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Short answer: YES, if you have worked on an AR/VR project. This is your chance to join a global community and speak your mind about the future of immersive technologies.

The State of AR/VR is a survey, looking at global trends and challenges in building Augmented and Virtual Reality apps.

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Handpicked prizes for AR/VR aficionados

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Your answers anonymised

We protect your privacy by anonymising all your answers. You can breathe a sigh of relief and answer truthfully!

what we do

with the data

Predicting trends

We trade insights about emerging trends to help people behind AR/VR tools, platforms, and support know what you want next. But we remain independent. No vendor, community or other partner owns our surveys or data.

Transparent methodology

Our sampling and analysis methods are available in  the State of the Developer Nation Report free to download for all developers.



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If you enjoyed the survey, let your community know for a chance to win prizes in cash!

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