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Who is into AR/VR? Speak up! Let us know what do you think the future holds for creators of immersive technologies. It will only take 10 mins. Take the survey and win amazing prizes!

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This survey is for you if you are:

  • AR/VR app creator

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if you’re just learning by building your first AR/VR project. This is your chance to join a global community and impact the future of immersive technologies. Take the survey and help us identify global trends and challenges that no-code creators and developers face when building Augmented and Virtual Reality apps.

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For each qualified survey response we will donate USD $0.10 to a charity of your choice. Our goal is to reach USD $2,000 in donations. Take the survey, pick a charity to support, and help us make a difference.



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We use data from the survey to help people behind AR/VR tools, platforms, and support know what you want next. Our research remains independent. No vendor, community or other partner owns our surveys or data.

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Our sampling and analysis methods are available in all our reports on developereconomics.com, free to download for all developers.



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